Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA)

It is a 300-hectare mixed-use development project, which will be established in Tagbanao Area, Sitio Depot, Barangay Upper Ulip, Monkayo, Compostela Valley Province. It is the first of its kind among the new types of ecozones that will be promoted by PMDC in partnership with the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA).

Strategic frameworks; there must be an alignment between investment in zones and outside of zones, as well as close links between the zone program and wider strategies of
trade and industrialization. This helps ensure long-term political support and resource commitments to zone development; more importantly, the synergies between the zones and national development create a mutually reinforcing and self-supporting system where the benefits of zones flow forward, backward, and horizontally, expanding capacity and improving competitiveness.


  • Gold Processing and Refinery (Industrial)
  • Jewelry Manufacturing Facility
  • Jewelry Park
  • Tourism Facilities

RA 7916 or the Special Economic Zone Act of 1995, declares it a policy of the State to actively encourage, promote, induce and accelerate a sound and balanced industrial, economic and social development of the country in order to provide jobs to the people especially those in the rural areas, increase their productivity and their individual and family income, and thereby improve the level and quality of their living condition through the establishment, among others, of special economic zones in suitable and strategic locations in the country. These national government agencies are directed to hasten human capital and infrastructure development, as well as to provide needed interventions to strengthen ecozones in the countryside, and ensure the development of backward and forward linkages of industries and around such ecozones.